Xwindows and Windows


Exceed is the best. Unfortunately, it is pricey: http://connectivity.opentext.com/buy-online.aspx

Your other options are:

MobaXterm: in free and pay versions, pretty simple to install/setup and use.

Xming: free (old version) or pay (current version), also pretty simple to use.

Cygwin/X: complicated, kludgey and you should probably avoid it.



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Linux / Unix / VMS equivalencies


So you’re dumped in Brazil (VMS) and all you speak is English (Windows) and Spanish (Linux), how do you get by?

A universal translator, of course: http://bhami.com/rosetta.html


There’s also a VMS to Unix cheat-sheet: http://www.physnet.uni-hamburg.de/physnet/vms-unix-commands.html

and another: https://www.mpp.mpg.de/~huber/vmsdoc/unix_vms_cmd_xref.html

setting security/ownership in VMS: http://labs.hoffmanlabs.com/node/1806

tiny gotchas that you might not expect:

  • case insensitive
  • no
  • VMS has no set mount points, so you have to explicitly state which disk is being referenced in a command:
$ create/directory [.tmp]
$ copy dsa0: [.tmp]x.tmp
$ copy dsa0: [.tmp]y.tmp
$ copy dsa0: [.tmp]z.tmp

This creates a directory, .tmp, and three files inside it, x.tmp, y.tmp, z.tmp.


AIX Cheat-sheet: http://bigcalm.tripod.com/aix/handycommands.htm

AIX Cheat-sheet: http://www.tablespace.net/quicksheet/aix-quicksheet.pdf [PDF]

AIX Cheat-sheet: http://www.vmexplore.com/aix-commands-cheat-sheet/

AIX documentation: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/pseries/v5r3/index.jsp 

AIX Admin’s blog, full of AIX tips and tricks: http://nixys.fr/blog/?tag=aix (I haven’t used it but it’s the type of quick and to-the-point howto that I find most useful.)

a text file cheat-sheet — quick and dirty, no-nonsense: http://www.pimpworks.org/ibm/aix.txt



The biggest caveat when going to Solaris from Linux is that a lot of the tools you expect are missing (ie, not installed by default) or different (ie, you’re expecting GNU versions). The easiest way to deal is to install the gnu tools and set them in your path. That said, Solaris 10 is less of a PITA than older versions (9, 8….or heaven forfend: SunOS).

Here is a fast and dirty “why doesn’t this work / how do I do this?” for Solaris: http://sysunconfig.net/unixtips/solaris.html

IBM redbooks, learn it, love it: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg247186.pdf [PDF]

Lesser Known Solaris Features: http://www.c0t0d0s0.org/pages/lksfbook.html


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